My Journey to Triumph

I am Angela McShane. Founder and Director of The Reinvention: Triumph over Injury. I am an ambassador for road safety and an inspirational educational speaker. 

The Reinvention was born one autumn evening in 2001. I suffered life-changing injuries as a result of a hit-and-run driver who was high on drink and drugs. However it turned out not to be the end but a new beginning for me. 

I spent many years after rebuilding my body and my life, facing and overcoming challenges I would have never thought possible. My journey to where I am today has been an often long and difficult one but I could never be more grateful for where it has now led me to. 


The Reinvention: Triumph over Injury is born out of the past but always looking to the future. It is an community to provide support, advice and assistance to those who have experienced a life-changing injury of their own. It is also for the families, friends and loved ones of those coming to terms with their injuries. 

This website, along with our other social media outlets, will have ever evolving information and guidance through blogs, interviews, videos and links – material on physio, gym work, diet, sharing stories – the list is endless. 

I will be bringing my story and this community interest group's message to keynote speaking events, including seminars, workshops and talks. Subjects include highlighting the importance of road safety, taking ownership for the decisions you make in life and how such injuries can be overcome. In addition, we will provide services on raising confidence, motivational talks and team-building sessions.

I will also offer one-to-one opportunities for those who need it and work closely with various safety organisations and local authorities in helping to get ethos of The Reinvention out there.      

Thank you for visiting us, I hope you find all this useful.

The journey has only just begun.    


Angela McShane   

Founder & Director of The Reinvention: Triumph Over Injury