Here are just some of the services The Reinvention provides


These can be half or full day workshops or team building events on a range of topics, including overcoming adversity, raising confidence, making better choices, team work and road safety. We provide both educational and business workshops and each session can be tailored around what the client wishes. Let us know how we can help you.

Guest Speaking

Sharing The Reinvention: Triumph over Injury story has already had a powerful impact when delivered in hospitals and rehabilitation centres, workplaces, schools and colleges. We also offer public speaking training to individuals and groups, schools and organisations. We look forward to sharing it with the world. 

Post-Crash Care

The Reinvention: Triumph over Injury aims to continue building a strong, lasting partnership with the likes of NHS Scotland, Police Scotland the Scottish Trauma Network. In doing so, we will collectively create an expansive network of support and education for those who have suffered traumatic injuries, ensuring they have every help needed to triumph over injury.

One to One Support

Having someone you can turn to when trying to rebuild your life after a serious injury is vital. With the experience and knowledge The Reinvention: Triumph over Injury has, they can be there to help in any way needed, even just to be an ear to listen to, or a shoulder to cry on.  

Fitness Motivation

The road to recovery can often be a long and painful journey and the help getting physically well again isn't always there. The Reinvention: Triumph over Injury can provide plenty advice and tips, as well as mentoring on the recovery process.

Education & Consultation

As you will see from our video on the home page, education on road safety  to overcoming life-changing injuries and raising confidence is absolutely vital and The Reinvention:Triumph over Injury can do this through a wide variety of social media platforms. In addition, we offer consultation services to various businesses and individuals, such as traffic engineers, public health authorities, road safety professionals and educational establishments.