The Reinvention Journey


Matthew Hussey, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker & Author


It was SUCH a gift to me to have you on stage with me at the retreat  Angela. You were incredible, and I really believe so many women in that  room had a life altering experience simply by hearing about your story. 

I  am so grateful that you came, and I hope it's not the last time we share a stage together.  Your emotion, your passion, and how compelling  your story is are what make you so powerful. 

But you were incredible, and for that time we had together, I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Michael McDonnell, Director of Road Safety Scotland


This is just a very short note to say a very big thank you for your input to the Seminar. The number of people who have commented on your particular presentation has been overwhelming, with many commenting on how appropriate it had been, in among all the others speakers, it was great to have one who reminded them all ‘why we do what we do’.  

Sergeant Mark Miller, Road Policing, Greenock


It is a powerful message which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on those who see it.  Well done, you have done more than anyone else I have come across in my career to turn a tragic incident into a positive message.  Keep doing what you do.

Jennifer Gaw, Traffic Management, Divisional Road Policing


Can I thank you for your presentation to the pupils of Clydeview Academy. It certainly had an impact and I hope that the message we delivered as a group was a positive one.

PC Frank Kennedy, Campus Police Officer, Doon Academy


Thanks to you for giving an excellent talk to our S6 year group. I hope it had an impact on our young people.   Thanks again for your support and I hope we can keep up this excellent partnership working going forward.

Jan McKirdy, Principal Teacher of Pupil Support, Williamwood High School


 A massive thank you for your powerful and inspirational talk yesterday. I know all of the pupils were affected by what you have experienced and we all admire your positivity.  

Lindsay Day, Physiotherapist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital


Thanks for coming, you have been the talk of the Hospital and everyone who attended have been very positive and have been greatly inspired by your story.

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